The demand for plastics processing grows thanks to the rapid advancements in technology, in the recent years. While a decade or two ago only enterprises could afford to produce custom-made plastics parts, components and housing, nowadays more and more start-ups implement innovative products. Our mission is to provide our experience and expertise to those who need a new plastic product to achieve their partners' requirements of perfect quality and good value for money. 

Bors Ltd. handles thermoplastic processing - both injection molding and mold production. Our firm's 18 years of existence is the combined result of pursuing our partner's total satisfaction, solving our partners' problems immediately and economically, and that we thrived to satisfy every demand quickly and precisely. We follow our partners' requirements with devotion: our aim is to work with our partner in a way so that our partner feels secure that the ordered products are produced with expertise. We know the responsibilities in mold making, in producing plastic parts with injection molding, in choosing the best resins for the given product, therefore we try to detect possible mistakes in time to save money and time for our partners. To achieve this, we only deal with suppliers who contribute to our reliable and consistent quality, we constantly develop our tools and we employ the newest technology. In the past 18 years we had orders from diverse sectors, including telecommunication, medical engineering, automotive industry, electronics, security products, etc.. 

Technical details: Injection molding is primarily done with our own molds, but we are willing to work with our customers' molds and we are also producing molds to be used by our customers. Our presses have clamping forces between 90 and 500 tons. We have considerable experience with thermoplastics including PC, ABS, PS, POM, ASA, including co-injection molding. 

Prototype: Consider producing a prototype before producing the mold and starting mass production. A prototype lets you detecting problems in time, reduces risks and you can modify your design - thus you can reduce expenses. Our customers can contract us to create a scale model or to produce a prototype mold, which can be used for injection molding for low volume production. 

Prototype mold production: Not only beneficial in low volume production, but a prototype mold is simpler to modify than the final mold. 

Mold production: The perfect thermoplastics production is based on a precisely designed and produced mold. After the mold is ready, modifications are usually expensive - that is the importance of proper design process. With a well-thought-out mold, the molded product will be perfect. Our experienced engineers are always available to notice and correct the possible errors in time so that we can produce the mold that satisfies your needs. 

Injection molding: If you are satisfied with the prototyped product or if it fits your requirements, we will produce the mold and start producing the plastics products. During production, we regularly inspect the product. 

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